How can you beautify your Womb Space whilst connecting with your Divine Feminine

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Women's Health

Crystal Waistbeads

Crystals hold such power and energy. They play an important role in our lives today. They are useful for our health, longevity, fame and prosperity or to simply adorn our home, ourselves and admire. As an individual and collective, we need them to enhance and uplift our wellbeing, to activate and connect us to our spiritual path. 

Waistbeads have been used to adorn girls and woman for centuries in Africa. They are considered sacred and spiritual. For the female, wearing waist beads it holds great power, self-love and appreciation for your changing body. Transitioning through the cycles of puberty, womanhood, marriage and eldership your connection to your divine feminine develops and grows.                  

Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Click to buy.

Crystals and waistbeads are a beautiful addition to your self-care practice. During my last two pregnancies, labour and postnatal period, I combined and wore Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals in my waistbeads. They calmed and balanced my emotions, made me feel grounded and protected. Also helping me let go of fears and worries and I felt confident to enjoy the process of pregnancy more.

As crystals work best on direct skin contact, the crystal waistbeads were a perfect accessory for me to use as my babies received the full benefits too. Postnatally crystals aided in the healing process and released any emotional trauma held within. 

I am a Birth Doula, Arvigo therapist and Pregnancy masseur. In my women’s wellness practice, I introduced crystal waistbeads to my clients sharing its benefits in pregnancy, womb health and healing, fertility and menstrual health.

Used alongside their treatments it can be a calming and simple addition to their self-care practice. How to get the full benefits? There is no one way of learning and loving crystals to receive their benefits. It can be a simple five minutes a day holding, meditating and using with breathwork or visualisation practice. Different crystals align with energies of the planets such as the Moon and Earth transmute through these crystal energies and onto us raising our vibrations physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Moonstone and Pearl for example are very much connected with the Lunar Moon. They enhance and balance our reproductive system and hormones making us feel calm and centred. As well connecting us to our inner divine feminine; enhancing feelings of self-love and positivity. They have also been known to help women conceive and to ease childbirth.

It can sometimes be hard to detect when the crystal healing starts to work. Understand It is a gradual process and sometimes and an awareness you are just feeling ‘good’ over time. For some women, it is an immediate sensation as soon as they wear or incorporates in their healing practice. Some women are just sensitive to crystals and can immediately feel its energy. Here are some of the benefits the crystals I work with have:

  • Calms clears and relaxes the mind
  • promotes self-confidence
  • motivates
  • increases intuition
  • Promotes self- love and for others
  • Grounds and protects
  • Transmute negative energy
  • Balances hormones, reproductive organs and Endocrine system 
  • Removes toxins, reduces inflammation

This crystal waistbeads collection is a production of both my love of crystals and tapping into my creative side. Before motherhood, being a Doula and massage therapist  I was an Art and Graphics designer. I am so happy to awaken this side of me and share my knowledge and creations in the form of crystal waistbeads.  In the collection, you can find single, duo or triple crystals in a beautiful waistbead design. The various crystals are to help and support women in their womb wellness journey.

Ultimately, crystal waistbead are about beautifying your womb space and connecting, healing, enhancing your divine feminine. Enjoy.

I commissioned a set of crystals waistbeads from Uduak just before Christmas, and she delivered them in a timely manner and wrapped in a beautiful gift box. The whole process from start to end was very thorough, Uduak listened to what I needed and put together a beautiful waistbead, made to measure using good quality material. I have had beads made for me before, but the quality and craftsmanship of Uduak’s product was far superior. I highly recommend her products and services as she made every effort to design to my speciation and went so far as to charge the crystals under the power of a full moon too. – Claudia. London

*Disclaimer – using crystals are not a replacement for medical or physical treatments. They are a good complement to add. 


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