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My Journey

I have been blessed with the gift of hands-on healing. I have always been a creative person and therefore my hands have always been my tools in my creativity. Throughout my childhood, drawing and designing were my passions. Now as a birth doula and a specialist massage practitioner in pregnancy and Arvigo Therapy, my hands are very much my tools to heal, support and nurture. I have learnt many other hands-on healing therapies, such as Reiki and Sekem and Magnified Healing.

My goal is to use my knowledge to simply connect and support women on their journey of motherhood and above all to give them the tools and techniques to enjoy the sometimes, challenging process.

My journey of bringing forth and raising my children has set me on this path of women’s health and wellness. In finding the solution to my various issues and healing my life and experience of becoming a mother, I consequently found myself able to help and assist others in their similar journeys.

How to yoni steam?
Empowering Women on their Journey to Wellness & Balance

I became passionate about the role of a doula after experiencing and overcoming challenges in my second pregnancy. I envision having a home birth and after not feeling confident during my first pregnancy, I was adamant to achieve this with support from a friend who just gave birth at home. My health during my pregnancy was optimum with homeopath and better food choices to keep me healthy and energized. I learnt more about the benefits of herbs and power foods was for my growing body and baby.

Empowered by my homebirth I wanted to share my experience that with proper support and understanding the birth process, you can have the birth you feel you want. I began my training in 2006 with Paramana doula with Michel Odent and Liliama Lammers. And became fully qualified in 2008. I have worked in various Hospitals and Birth centers across London. Also in Homebirth settings.

The role of a birth doula is to ultimately provide the expectant women continuous support, giving her the encouragement and confidence that she can have the birth she envisions, making it an easier, shorter and more satisfying experience.

Teaching her the birthing process and how to connect with her changing body during these phases. Providing the mother with tools to help her feel focused and positive with her birth outcome and reducing the likelihood of medical intervention.

Pregnancy is an exciting time. The realization of your growing baby, becoming a mother is truly a rights of passage and an amazing experience.

It can also be a very stressful period for the mother, father and family. With the dynamics of the environment we live in, a lot of women work during their pregnancy and may not acknowledge how challenging it is to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy, active and positive during pregnancy.

A doula is somebody that has always existed throughout culture. She is ultimately a women mothering the mother during her journey into motherhood.

That concept still carries today in our role. Our aim is to be there for her needs and wants, listen to her joys, worries and fears. Empower her with positive thinking and being. Give her as much knowledge to enjoy, embrace her experience. Learn the importance of her mental, physical and emotional health for herself and baby and give her the best suited support she needs to achieve an amazing labor and birth.

All these matter during pregnancy, and essentially benefits her labor and birth outcome.

Benefits of yoni steaming?

My Children, Motherhood.

From my first pregnancy, motherhood has been the most challenging and enjoyable journey ever.

Ultimately I have learnt how important it is to feel, connect with who you are. Nourishing yourself first as a female in order to nurture and care fully and lovingly to your family.

My recent experience of pregnancy, labor and birth at 40 has added to my knowledge and understanding of my work and in turn, my existing wisdom and practice has played a big role in a healthy pregnancy and birth. It also gave me a greater understanding and appreciation

For the postnatal period. I tuned in and applied more of my African cultural traditions of postpartum care combining womb massage, yoni steaming, belly binding, herbs in teas, baths.

The value and power of all these practices for myself gave me a different perspective on postpartum wellness and bonding with my newborn.

Educating on the impotence of the postnatal period, of resting, nutrition and healing really gives the new mum a deeper understanding and connectedness of her body, herself and mother role. And also strengths the bonding with your baby at your most optimum.

This is one of the new services I now implement in my doula role.

Weather I work with women through pregnancy, wellness, fertility and in the transition to menopause, the womb is the source of our beginnings and understanding of who we are as women.

I am grateful, excited to be doing this work. Meeting and supporting women, their families during this time.