Yoni Steaming


Yoni steaming

Yoni steaming or vaginal steaming is an traditional practise of adding herbal blend to a pot of boiled water. The infused herbs are placed in a stool/seat that is sat over in between your legs allowing the steam up surfacing over your vagina and pelvic floor area. A selection or just one herb can be used in the steam and the boiled water must be hot but not burning to the skin.

It’s benefits in balancing, strengthening, soothing, healing the yoni or vaginal has been practised by all women in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.A wonderful and powerful therapy that treats many of the conditions listed and more. It also helps us to connect with our womb, our creative space centre and heal toxic emotional trauma. 

Yoni steaming has been documented to treat and improve the following: 

o Menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, heavy bleeding.
o Boosting fertility, 
o irregular cycles, 
o emotional balanceo Increase vaginal nectar – a pleasant odour, fertile mucus
o Promoting healing after childbirth, 
o tighten & lifts vagina canal
o Reducing stress, 
o increases energy 
o reduces fatigue.
o Treating haemorrhoids, 
o scar tissue
o Miscarriage Recovery and more.

What you can expect from your yoni steam session?

Yon can expect an increase of various symptoms from steaming. These are all an indication the session is now actively cleansing your womb, and eliminating toxins out of your body.Some are immediate and others within week or coming months. You may experience one or many of the following:

o An immediate urge to urine, eliminate discharge- white, green thick or clumpy. 
o increase of period clots, or increase period cramps
o Itchiness, bumps 
o Emotional release – crying, trigger and release past, suppressed trauma
o Early or late periods
o Brown discharge after steam session.
o Bowl movements and or gassiness.

The process of healing happens in different stages and can be at times unpleasant. However, being in a state of imbalance, accumulation of toxins build-up in our uterus and surrounding area, affects us on all levels, is also unpleasant. It is time to take that step to self healing and empowerment.  

To achieve the desired results do require using the correct herbs, a right setup plan of how long to steam and when best to steam in your cycle phases.


Consultation 1: £40 for 30mins

Consultation via phone, skype or WhatsApp to be completed.

Questions will be asked to determine which herbal formula would be suited to your womb wellness. A 4-week plan will be created on what days to steam and for how long. Your herbal formula will be posted to you and all information will be emailed within 2-3 days. 

Consultation 2: £80 for 60mins

A more detailed consultation covering self-care practices to improve your cycle during the coming four weeks. A 4-week plan will be created on what days to steam and for how long. Your herbal formula will be posted to you and all information will be emailed within 2-3 days.


You have an option of rental of steam seats or to purchase your seat to keep. I have a variation of seats to suit your budget. Rental is done on a monthly basis. Once you decide which option to go with and is paid for, all items will be sent within 2-5 days of an order made (depending on the steam seat chosen).
Postage and packaging from £3.90

You want to book a session? Send me an email for availability and booking and I shall respond within 24 hours.



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Yoni steaming

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