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Q: What preparation is needed in a home visit massage treatment?

A: A good size space to set up the massage table which is bring along is required. Away from other family members. Having the space prepared with help a great deal on time management.

It is now required clients provide towels, sheets, and pillows for their treatment. Below is an outline of preparation on arrival to a home visit appointment. With new changes to healthy and safety

Therapist Preparation requirements:

• A 10mins allocated time before the treatment is required for setting up the table, cleaning and washing of hands.

• Lay the sheets, towels, pillows, etc.

• Prepare music if client wishes.

• Assist if needed on the massage table.

• A 10mins allocated time at the end of the treatment is required for me to wash hands, pack up the table.

In total a 60-minute massage booking is 80 minutes in total.

An 80-minute massage booking is 100 minutes in total.

Client preparation requirements:

• Clients must be ready for the set booking time. Undress to what is most comfortable for a full body massage. If you feel uncomfortable to be fully undress, please discus your concerns and we can work something out. If you feel comfortable in underwear only. That is fine and we can accommodate this in the treatment.

• Getting on the massage table is done by me holding a large towel or sheet in front of me to respect your privacy as you position yourself on the table. I then drape you appropriately for the massage treatment.

• A clean, non-sweaty, clean body.

• All jewellery must be removed.

For abdominal massages appointment:

•Only the abdomen and upper body of the back are required for the massage, so removal of tops or shirt is appreciated.

•Wearing a comfortable loose trousers/pants will also be ideal for both posterior and anterior work of the pelvis and lower abdomen work.

•Small towels are used to cover upper chest whilst the abdominal massage treatment is being done.


A no call and no show will result in a full charge of the session. For home visits, if you are not home and are making your way back and arrive late to the appointment, then the massage treatment will be completed with the remaining time given if you choose to go ahead. The session has now been completed.

Whatever time we start the session will be the time I can complete the session to end time providing a treatment possible in that time frame. I cannot extend my time longer as will affect my journey time and the following appointments.


We do not offer refunds on bookings that have been made.
If you wish to raise any concern, please contact via email.
Any final decision is based on the discretionary of the therapist and owner.


You may cancel your appointment and reschedule for another date if this is done before 24 hours of the booking.

Cancellation within the 24-hour time will incur a 70% charge and home visit fee if I am on route to your home.

For cancellation of an emergency health reason, please notify me as soon as possible.


All massage booking appointments are scheduled once booking and payments are made. However, if you do cancel and book for another time. You have 2months from the initial purchasing date the massage is valid.



Q: How do I go about booking a Postpartum therapy program or Yoni steam program?

A: Email your interest and information will be sent out on how the program works.

Once you have selected your therapy, dates, and time. This will be confirmed via email where it will be all finalised with payment and booked in my calendar.


A partial refund can only be given once notification of 72-hours from the program start date. Deposits are non- refundable.

If full payment is made, a deposit fee will be deducted.

No call and no show will result in a full charge of the session on that day.
This cannot be rescheduled for another date.

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Registering/signing up on the website. Your name, email address, physical address, birth date, gender, zip/city, marital status, other location information and health information (diagnosis, when you were diagnosed, what medications you’re taking, or what type of care you’re looking for).

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We may update this terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in our services, we may make such changes without prior notice. We will publish the updated version on the website.