Become highly skilled and confident in supporting women through the phases of pregnancy and the postpartum period.

This course is for therapist and practitioners wanting to support women in pregnancy and postpartum.

The course contents are informative in the understanding the journey of the expectant mother and how massage can great benefits and improve the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of her through trimesters of pregnancy and in readiness for labour and birth.

DATE: April 15th, 22nd and 29th.
TIME DURATION: 10am – 6pm. Breaks & lunch will be given.

COST: £600.

LOCATION: Graceland Yard, Kensal Rise,  and online.



Uduak is passionate about empowering women on their journey to wellness and balance in all of their cycles. She has since trained and incorporated breast massage and Yoni steam health into her wellness practise.

After many years of treating mothers Uduak felt it ready to create a massage course to train other therapist on the experiences and skills she has gained.



• How to give a safe and enjoyable massage treatment prenatal and postnatally.

• How pregnancy massage has great benefits for the expectant mothers physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

• How pregnancy massage can help prepare the expectant mother for labour and birth.

• Understanding the stages and changes of the pregnant body.

• Legislation and code of conduct.

• Covid 19 guidelines for practitioner and client in a massage setting.

• Application of breathwork during a massage treatment



Q. How will be the course taught?

The course will commence online on 18th February.
Hands-on practical classes will commence on March 11th, 12th ,18th.
Massage routine videos will be provided of the prenatal and postnatal massage routine and technique.

Q. What credentials do I need to do this training?
A. You would need a level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology (A&P). You can complete an online A&P level 3 here.

Q. How will the final exam be conducted?
A. The final exam will be online for theory and in class for the hands-on work.

Q. What accredited body will provide certification at the end of this training?
A. You will be accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Insurance with Westminster Insurance.

Q. What supplies do I need to complete this course.
A. For studies: pen, pad notebooks, colour pens. For the practical work, you will need a massage table -practise at home.

If you are looking to start a mobile business, it would be advisable to consider lightweight table for easy mobility. A range of oils such as sweet almond, grapeseed oils. Massage cushion for supporting pregnant client during the massage session. Massage oil holster optional). A pregnant body. If this is not possible a non-pregnant body.

Pregnancy Client Testimonials

⦁ I was referred to Uduak by a friend who’d received pregnancy massage from her and recommended her treatments. These were indeed fantastic, convenient in my home, relieving aches and tension, helping me to relax and enjoy pregnancy.

⦁ MAFE: The course of Udy’s massage followed the needs of my body and baby as we got to know her hands. From a gentle brush up the spine to a bit more vigorous pressure across my back muscles, Udy allowed enough time between different sections so I could really get the full benefit of her massage. It was a very feminine experience where my pelvis and shoulders released tension, my upper body felt spacious, and the region around my forehead felt open and alive. I really liked the way she ended the massage with placing my hands around my heart and womb – it almost felt like I was directly touching the skin of my baby’s head which was a lovely way of connecting with her.

⦁ Udy’s massages made such a difference to helping me approach the birth with more confidence and calm, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. She adjusts the massage each time to suit what you need that week – working out all the body kinks from the last trimester very effectively. And having had several reiki sessions with other practitioners, l was very impressed with her energy work, felt very real and tangible results.

Birth doula