Having Uduak on my side during pregnancy and birth was the best choice i made. She is a special soul, a sweet and kind presence and a confident and skilled doula as well.I trust her completely from the first moment. I liked that she offer me a more holistic approach using homeopathic remedy and massage. Especially during labour she stayed with us from the beginning to the end and with such a full commitment and care. She came home and guided and supported me and my partner during and through contraction physically and psychologically in tune with my desire to give birth naturally at the birthing centre. Even later when we went home with the baby when she came to visit it felt like a peaceful angel was coming and the baby loved her.

Postnatal doula

– Priya  

I was referred to Uduak by a friend who’d received pregnancy massage from her and recommended her treatments. These were indeed fantastic, convenient in my home, relieving aches and tension, helping me to relax and enjoy pregnancy. It wasn’t planned but Uduak was also present at the birth of my child and through the labour. I’m hugely grateful that she was. After a number of sleepless nights and lengthy practice contractions starting several days before the real thing, I was pretty tired and asked Uduak if she was able to come at the last minute for a treatment on my second day of real contractions. I was lucky that she was able to make the space to do so and I finally had some much needed rest on the massage bed! We shared a meal and Uduak said she could stay on through the rest of labour if my husband and I wished – we did not hesitate! Things we’re going on for a long time and it just felt right to have Uduak with us.

Her depth of experience, understanding of labour, compassion and massage skill all came into play over the following night and day. Uduak massaged me through almost every contraction in the night, helping me to feel comfortable and have some rest. She is as strong as she is gentle and boy was strength required for everyone involved in my long labour! It felt as though she knew exactly what I needed at each mini stage, helping me in to different supportive positions, using the bath and shower pressure, offering small amounts of food and drink that helped boost and nourish me when my husband and I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of these. Uduak has a calm disposition, is extremely warm and even though we had not discussed my preferences for the birth or her involvement in the labour before hand, it all felt natural and easy. I’m sure that it was Uduak’s support that meant I did not feel the need pain relief other than water, gas and air which was my hope. Uduak understood perfectly how to be with me while at the hospital and work alongside their staff without treading on any toes. In fact, the midwife was very happy to have her help! I wasn’t sure before the day came whether I would have a midwife with me throughout the time at the hospital land really appreciated the consistency of her presence throughout. A consummate professional, Uduak was able to roll with whatever came. I can’t say enough good things about her. We remain very grateful.

Uduak is a force of nature and I have no doubt that if we were to have another child I would ask Uduak to be with us throughout labour and delivery.

Postnatal doula

–  Penny  

Uduak really liberated my husband and me to enjoy the birth of our third child. I am a mother over 40 and whilst I am fit, healthy and had had two previous children I felt very much that we needed some help in working within the West London NHS system as well as some actual help during the birth. I had not realised how stressful the birth of our second child had been for my husband until we were talking about the next one – he was traumatised! Uduak was brilliant at coming in, and making decision making easy for us – she interpreted the different stages of labour brilliantly, and coped with my almost birthing in the car admirably. She was also fantastic about massaging my sacrum which helped alleviate pain, and each time she came to visit she would bring a different herb or tea to assist during pregnancy. I can’t recommend having a doula enough, and Uduak is a wonderfully warm, professional and very competent one. I had a beautiful birth, and I put it largely down to Uduak.

–  Jo Wills  

Jo WillsI came to meet Udy quite late in my second pregnancy when I knew I was going to be induced due to some complications arising (this was through my pregnancy yoga teacher who recommended her). We were short on time but I did manage to have a massage with her before the induction and we spoke a few times on the phone. She was an amazing support for me as I was very nervous with the induction side of things. My waters were broken by the midwife and 4 hours later I was holding my wee baby girl. I felt so relaxed having Udy (and my husband) with me in the hospital, she kept me calm and grounded and am sure with her wonderful acupressure work kept the contractions going which enabled a smooth and quick birth without any need for medical intervention or pain relief…. just deep breathing. She has a very relaxed and calm presence and my husband felt supported by her also. The three of us were left alone for the majority of the birth as it was my wish to have little monitoring and minimal people involved. It was only when the baby was very close to arrival that the midwife came into the room to help with the end stages. I am now pregnant with my third child and Udy is again my birth doula so I will be writing another story very soon.
Birth doula

–  Jo Wills  

Udy was my birth doula for my second baby and I am expecting a third child very soon and she will be my doula again which is very special. She has an amazing presence which is very calm and relaxed yet strong too. I recently had a blissful massage with her and am in my last trimester. It was wonderfully relaxing yet at the same time also worked out knots and tension. Having her in my home was lovely also as it meant I could stay truely relaxed afterwards with no where to get to other than bed! I have another massage booked with her shortly and am sure will have more over the final few weeks on pregnancy and postnatally too. She is great at tailoring what your body needs at the time as with pregnancy the niggles and aches tend to shift to different areas as your baby grows and your body adapts.

–  Lulu Winfield  

Udy’s treatments are incredibly nurturing. She set’s up easily in the comfort of your home and works with a wonderfully intuitive touch. Her Arvigo work addressed a long term issue that I had since giving birth many years previously which had left deep and uncomfortable tension in my hip. After working with Udy I felt freer in my pelvis and emotionally lighter. Thank you Udy, you have magic hands and a gift for insight and calm.

–  Daniela Wood  

I decided to enlist the help of a doula as l was frightened about giving birth in a busy unpersonal hospital after experience with my first baby. I just wanted to have there someone who would be looking after me while my husband was looking after our son. l was also worried about tearing and l read that with right breathing technique I could possibly avoid that.

First l booked a pregnancy massage with Uduak that was fabulous and scheduled prenatal appointments. However my baby decided to arrive much earlier than his due date. Although we did not have chance to discuss the labour plan, she was a fantastic support during every step of the way. Her presence was invaluable and very calming while working along very well with the hospital midwife.

I managed to obtain my goal of a natural birth (after a previous C-section) without any pain killers which l felt was a great accomplishment. Uduak’s support and guidance throughout made this possible and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


 The course of Udy’s massage followed the needs of my body and baby as we got to know her hands. From a gentle brush up the spine to a bit more vigorous pressure across my back muscles, Udy allowed enough time between different sections so I could really get the full benefit of her massage. It was a very feminine experience where my pelvis and shoulders released tension, my upper body felt spacious, and the region around my forehead felt open and alive. I really liked the way she ended the massage with placing my hands around my heart and womb – it almost felt like I was directly touching the skin of my baby’s head which was a lovely way of connecting with her.

Postpartum care

–  Adrienne  

After two private births, I feel that the third (on the NHS) was the best experience. Uduak is wonderful – she is gently, calm and soothing. She is someone you can trust and hand over control to so that the labouring woman can let go and know that her wishes will be taken care of. Uduak knows when to step back so that the parents have their privacy. Additionally, she does not leave the father out but includes him, making him feel useful and able to participate as much as the couple would like. Without Uduak there to help me, I would have panicked and the labour would have been a nightmare. If I have a fourth, I will definitely ask her to help me with the labour.

–  Shazia Ali-Webber  

Throughout my labor Uduak was invaluable. She offered just the right kind of support. She understood that I often needed someone just to hold my hand to help me get through contractions. She was not too vocal but she was also not reticent when it came to telling people to listen to me. She liaised effectively with the midwives and neither overstepped the mark nor remained timid or cowed. She was very supportive toward my husband who needed the support of someone who was not as emotionally involved as he was and who remained calm and measured. She stayed at hospital until late Saturday afternoon when she had the experience and good judgment to look back on the birth with me in a humorous and light hearted way. With hindsight this was a very important conversation because as a result of this, I have fond memories of the birth of my second son based on the funny things that Uduak and I were able to talk about.

Finally Uduak was and continues to be very supportive. She came round after the birth and was able to give me a massage and even bake me a cake! She did a lot of research on homeopathic remedies for me and on natural methods of induction during the process. The entire experience would have been a lot poorer without her input.

–  Marco Gillies  

Uduak was our doula for the birth of our first child Penelope. She was very helpful and supportive in many ways, including 2 pre-visits and particularly the massages during labour. However, the thing that really helped us was the experience and confidence she brought to the labour.

The whole birth went very smoothly, and through out it I felt confident that everything was going well and that we were doing the right thing. I’m sure that wouldn’t have been possible without Uduak there. I’m sure we would both have worried about what my wife was feeling, or when to go to hospital, but Uduak gave us the confidence to believe that the birth was going well and that mum and baby were fine.

–  Samira  


Udy’s massages made such a difference to helping me approach the birth with more confidence and calm, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. She adjusts the massage each time to suit what you need that week – working out all the body kinks from the last trimester very effectively. And having had several reiki sessions with other practitioners, l was very impressed with her energy work, felt very real and tangible results.

–  Venetia Foo  

Pregnancy massage provided in the comfort of your own home! I love that fact that she comes to you, no worries about having to get somewhere, worry about parking (which can be so stressful when you are in London), you are in the comfort of your own home, and she works her magic. Uduak is brilliant, her massages are heavenly and so relaxing, something I looked forward to especially in my last trimester. I only wished I had found her earlier on! She understands what our bodies go through during pregnancy and massages all those aches and pains away, she has the added advantage of being a Doula too! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Book a massage with Uduak, you won’t be disappointed!