Postpartum Therapy

Doula postnatal

4-week Postpartum therapy.

This program is to nourish, heal and nurture ALL mothers on after birth.

I was Inspired by my own mother’s postpartum journey in Nigeria. She would share her experience of how she stayed with her mother, grandmother and aunts who placed her in ‘the fattening room’, where they massaged her body, wrapped her belly and steamed her vagina opening and feed her food to make her strong healthy and ready for motherhood. Listening to her stories, made me in awe and jealous she was looked after.

It wasn’t until my third birth I had some insight to this level of care. She nourished me through food every day. How delightful is that.

I didn’t receive the massage/wrap/steaming; however, I still remember how wonderful her meals during that time.

Once you nourish the mother, she learns and understand how to nourish herself and baby.

The benefit of this program is to hold space for mothers to reconnect, heal and recover fully with massage, belly wrapping, yoni steaming and nourishing foods.

Postpartum abdominal massage helps repositions internal organs that have shifted during pregnancy. Removes excess unwanted matter in the uterus and improves rectus diastase.

Belly wrapping – as mentioned above with addition of posture improvement. supports the closing the pelvic bone importantly in the hip region, assist in improving rectus diastase and uterine prolapse.

It also is a wonderful way to help mothers link their whole body together again.

Yoni steaming helps remove excess blood, prevent infection, help with healing, circulates the body to assist in healing and recovery.

Additional to this service I offer targeted support to optimize your health through nutrition, complementary care, herbs, and remedies via a consultation and during the programme.

Each programme is unique based on the mothers needs and birth outcome. Additional work that is optional to include are caesarean scar massage to reduce pain, inflammation and tension, breast massage for congestion and milk production.

To book a program, email your interest and information will be sent out on how the program works. Once you have selected your therapy, dates, and time. This will be confirmed via email where it will be all finalised with payment and booked in my calendar.



“Uduak supported my postpartum recovery for 4 weeks postpartum coming to my home every 2-3 days. She supported me through physical therapies like abdominal massage, full body massage, yoni steams and belly binding. She taught my husband and I different belly binding techniques for us to do on our own when she wasn’t here.

In addition to her physical support Uduak shared her immense knowledge of all things postpartum with my husband and I helping us with baby wearing, baby massage, lactation support and nutrition. She was such a font of knowledge offering us advice in the most kind and supportive way possible.

This was my second child, and I was really committed to having support for those critical first 40 days postpartum as I had a lot of physical complications after my first birth. At 5 weeks postpartum I had a pelvic floor physio ass me and she found that I had no diastasis recti (something I still struggled with at 18 months postpartum last time!) and a much stronger pelvic floor than she expected so soon after birth. I absolutely credit Uduak for helping me have such a full recovery so quickly.” – Jadis. T.


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