Maintaining a Healthy Womb

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Arvigo

After the lovely feedback from the angry vagina event I am really set that this massage is much needed and beneficial in our everyday practice of self-care. The abdominal and womb massage is a gentle yet powerful stimulus in its work of eliminating congestion and increasing flow into the abdomen and womb area.

Benefits are: Improves blood Circulation
Stimulates fresh blood flow
Energies the uterus and
surrounding organs
Tones the pelvic floor
Alignment of the womb and organs.
Enhancing & connecting to your creative self.

As a woman, it is a seemingly natural process to care for others first before ourselves but we must not forget that at the same time it is important to practice self-care and self-love. The womb, uterus and all it’s wonderful titles is the perfect place to start nurturing and caring for self, health and wellness. As part of a program incorporating cleansing, detoxing and healing, the massage and self-care massage is an empowering and fulfilling experience.

I want to give you five steps to start now on your journey to wellness and balance for optimum womb health.

1. Diet – Eating the right food is so important in your overall health. Too much toxins, wheat, dairy and foods with hormone in out meats really does affect the Balance and wellness of your womb. Key word here – congestion.

2. Book to have an abdomen womb massage. Yes! Apart from it being such a wonderful experience, our abdomen and womb need it. All the weight of the baggage we carry such as tension, trauma, congestion who doesn’t want lightness, good flow of energy by getting a gentle detox and abdomen womb massage to get a good supple of blood flow going?. The abdomen womb massage session that you will receive is the Arvigo Massage an ancient Mayan technique created well over a thousand years ago that has been passed down over generations. This abdominal massage gently re-aligns your digestive and reproductive organs which in turn encourages correct functioning of these areas, by easing congestion and promoting good energy and blood flow. During your session you will also be taught to do the self-care massage for you to implement daily. By following the self-care guidelines given you’ll find that it’s a good start to nurturing self, finding self-love, and giving thanks and appreciation for what the earth has provided.

3. Exercise – Plays an important part of your self-care program. You may already be doing some kind of high impact exercise but for the well-being of your womb, yoga, a warming, connecting, calming yet energsing and spiritual exercise is a wonderful way to promote self-care. Connecting with your inner-self, gaining flexibility, feeling womanly with gentle yoga or womb yoga will help your feminine flow, ease tensions and stress, calm your spirit and gain renewed energy and fitness.

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4. Herbal womb cleansing – If you haven’t heard by now vaginal steams a gentle yet stimulating practice helps to cleanse, tone, relax and refresh your womb with herbs. These herbs are available pre-packed for you to use for your own at-home womb spa in a variety of combinations and easily available online. The womb spa used in combination with the self-care massage routine where castor oil as a highly-rated massage remedy will help bring cleansing, stimulation, and healing to the womb. Simple to do and so needed for your womb health.

5. Rest – That oh so simple word but so very difficult to achieve. Learning to ‘just be’. With most womb related conditions there is a lot of syncing to do not just for the body but also for the mind. For example, if you’re experiencing irregular Menses or PCOS. Learning to finding your own personal rhythm and learning to know how and when to rest is important to bring hormonal balance. In my Arvigo practice, these are some key points I let my clients learn and understand and format a home care program specific to their needs to get them started.


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