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Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage – Abdominal massage, Yoni steam Consultation

1.Q: What should I expect in my pregnancy or postnatal massage appointment?

A: Before your massage begins, you are required to complete a health check form before the massage commences. This gives the therapist information on your past and current health that is needed to know if you can receive a massage.

It is important to list all your health and medical information as it is taken into consideration on what type of treatment plan is suitable for you in your pregnancy or postpartum phase.

Once completed, I explain the contraindication and guideline specific to your treatment and how the session will be carried out.

There is an allocated time for table set up and preparation of 10mins before and after treatment.

2.Q: What type of massage table is used for my pregnancy massage?

A: Our pregnancy massage treatments are done on a comfortable mobile table. There are 3-4 options of positioning for pregnancy massage during all three trimesters. However. in my 12 years’ experience the side lying position is the most comfortable and safe position used in all trimesters. This is very nurturing and relaxing for the client and gives all access for the discomfort areas to be treated.

This is based on which trimester you are in pregnancy and any conditions that require a specific routine and positioning.

In the first trimester, there are other options that maybe suitable for specific conditions.

3.Q: What preparation is needed in a home visit massage treatment?

A: A good size space to set up the massage table which is the same size as one used in spa. The space should be away from other family members like small children, to avoid accidents while I set up.

Clients are now required to provide towels, sheets, and pillows for their treatment. Below is an outline of preparation on arrival to a home visit appointment.

Therapist Preparation requirements:

  • A 10mins allocated time before the treatment is required for setting up the table, cleaning and washing of hands.

  • Lay the sheets, towels, pillows, etc.

  • Prepare music if client wishes.

  • Assist if needed on the massage table.

  • A 10mins allocated time at the end of the treatment is required for me to wash hands, pack up the table.

In total a 60-minute massage booking is 80 minutes in total.

An 80-minute massage booking is 100 minutes in total.

Client preparation requirements:

  • Clients must be ready for the set booking time. Undress to what is most comfortable for a full body massage. If you feel uncomfortable to be fully undress, please discus your concerns and we can work something out. If you feel comfortable in underwear only. That is fine and we can accommodate this in the treatment.

  • Getting on the massage table is done by me holding a large towel or sheet in front of me to respect your privacy as you position yourself on the table. I then drape you appropriately for the massage treatment.

  • A clean, non-sweaty, clean body.

  • All jewellery must be removed.

For abdominal massages appointment,

  • Only the abdomen and upper body of the back are required for the massage, so removal of tops or shirt is appreciated.

  • Wearing a comfortable loose trousers/pants will also be ideal for both posterior and anterior work of the pelvis and lower abdomen work.

  • Small towels are used to cover upper chest whilst the abdominal massage treatment is being done.

4.Q: Can I eat before the treat starts?

It is best not to eat at least an hour before treatment, especially as most massage also focuses on the abdomen area. Digestion of food take a couple of hours and massaging this area will disrupt this process and may result in discomfort. If you do eat then abdominal massage will be omitted from the treatment.

5.Q: For my postpartum massage, what if I may need to stop and breastfeed my baby?

A: The unique postpartum massage treatment is designed to accommodate your newborn for feeds when needed. The massage table is a good width to hold you in a side lying position for you to hold and feed your baby when needed.

Over 60% of postpartum massage treatment are in the side lying position.

6.Q: What is the health & safety guidelines for treatment in the home?

Hygiene is the utmost importance to minimise infection between each appointment. With the new requirements of clients providing towel or sheets, this helps reduce the spread of infection a great deal.

For close contact at a home visit. It is important to follow the guidelines of safety in a home environment.

7.Q: What if I go into labour unexpectantly and must cancel. Can I reschedule my massage?

If you do book a pregnancy massage appointment and you go into labour, please notify me as soon as you can. A reschedule appointment can be made once you feel ready to receive a massage. This can be as soon as a day or two or a week after birth or 3 or 6 weeks, depending on your labour and birth outcome.

For women who have experienced caesarean births. Full body massage can be given. However, no abdominal work, belly wrapping will be done until 6-week has passed.

It is advisable to request a doctors or midwife note for massage work if you have any concerns.

Please note, all massage sessions are valid for 3 months from purchasing.

Q: What does the home visit £15 cover?

A: The home visit fee of £15 covers parking, congestion, ULEZ fees, and travel time. Average time to travel to clients across London is 30-50mins one way. This often is longer than the treatment itself.

Alternative location. – Massage at The Hearth. I now have a therapy space in Kilburn at The Hearth on Friday mornings from 8.30am -12.30pm. if you feel your home is not suitable for treatment, you are welcome to book on my available day and times give. Please book in advance to secure space.

Q: How long does it take to respond after booking a session

Response rate is within 24hrs after booking a session

Q: Why should I have a pregnancy massage

Research shows that massage can reduce stress hormones in your body and relax and loosen your muscles. It can also increase blood flow, which is so important when you’re pregnant, and keep your lymphatic system working at peak efficiency.