Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

by | Aug 24, 2019 | Women's Health

There is quite a mystery of when and where vaginal steaming started in history but it is known by a variety of names in many cultures and was and is traditionally used by non-western countries (not exclusively) to aid women with a variety of womb related health issues.

Throughout time the healer woman from a tribe or the elder matriarch of the family be it African, Aztec, Mayan, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Hindu, Japanese, Native American, Norse the list goes on all had Goddesses that they worshipped that represented health and many of the practices used by these healer women also included vaginal steam rituals to aid in fertility or to ease the pain of menstrual cycles, to refresh the womb area and many other reasons. Old scrolls and drawings have been found explaining these female practices and have been passed down through to generations of women.

Vaginal steams are now coming to the forefront of women’s health and although some are skeptical there are thousands of women who attest to the health benefits of vaginal steaming also known by other names such as the V-Steam, yoni steaming, womb sauna, womb spa.

The vaginal steam is one of the home care modalities given to my abdominal and womb massage clients.

This is an exercise that can take place in the comfort of your home and many herbal mixes can be found online to assist you in this endeavor. Many companies now have created a variety of easy-to-use pre-packed herbal mixes, specialist chairs and blankets in order to perform this task without risk of harm (avoiding burns) and also providing comfort and privacy to use within your home.

The Benefits 

It is said that the vaginal tissue is the most absorbent within the body and when a vaginal steam is applied with the relevant herbs plus the warm heat of the steam this aids in opening up the womb to accept the benefits of the herbal essences released from the leaves and petals of the herbs which in turn enters the now oxygenated bloodstream in and around the womb area and other part of the body.

The many benefits of a vaginal steam that are said to improve the womb area are:

• Help in reducing heavy menstrual cycle which may be a result of fibroids or endometriosis.

• Can assist with a healthier looking menstrual cycle, no longer having darkened clots at the beginning and end of cycle.

• Can regulate menstrual cycle if found to be irregular such as PCOS, ovarian cysts.

• Eases menstrual cramping and back pain or stiffness.

• Can assist with the menopausal hot flashes.

• Assist in reducing vaginal yeast infections due to hormone imbalance.

• Aid in boosting fertility stagnation.

• Refreshes and cleanses by removing building-up to provide a fresh and healthy odor.

• Can create a feeling of overall wellness.

• Better Ph Balance of the vaginal mucus membrane.

Herbal mixture added to boiled water. Ready to use for steam.

Common Herbs Used in Vaginal Steams

Many well-known herbs that we use in our everyday beauty products and cooking have wonderful health benefits such as:

• Rosemary which has an antibacterial and purifying affect.

• Lavender which is popularly known for its relaxing and calming properties.

• Basil is said to make the onset of the menstrual cycle less painful.

• Chamomile it’s function is very similar to Lavender and is very soothing and helps in relaxing the vaginal tissues.

• Sage – moves blood and chi through physical and emotional obstructions

• Oregano – antiseptic, uterine stimulant.

• Rose petals – gentle and astringent to tissue of the genital.

• Calendula – skin healing, vaginal fungus, lymph and spiritual healing.

As mentioned earlier mixed herbal packs are easily obtainable to aid in your regular steam sessions. I make my own for myself and my clients to get them started. I also provide a list of companies who sell specialist chairs to use.

Once you start this practice regularly you will feel the benefits immediately.

The herbal effect will not just benefit the womb area but by being in a solitary, calm and warm space with the herbs releasing their healing aromas it will also open up your other senses and allow you to heal from the inside to the out.


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