Birth Doula

Birth doula

Labor and birth can be physically and emotionally draining for the mother, partner and family. Husbands and partners can be just as confused on how they can support their wives or partners during labor. They may not know the right things to say nor do and may feel overwhelmed by the questions and procedures. Oftentimes, no amount of antenatal lessons can prepare them for the real event.

My role as a doula is to comfort and encouragement you when you need it most. This includes time out to re-energize and refuel. I also provide information to help you understand your rights and needs as a patient.

Pain management makes a huge difference in your labor. Techniques such as acupressure, counter pressure and massage are soothing and effective in your progress. It’s just about finding what works for you with the aim of helping you relax as much as possible and embracing the birthing process.

Your reasons for wanting to hire a doula vary and below are a few. You may:

•  feel being a first time mum, the extra support of a doula will give you confidence through your labor.

•  Be a single mother and need that extra support during

•  need help on how to make the best choices that are right for you and your baby

•  have experienced a challenging or traumatic labor and birth before

•  not know when the best time to make the journey into hospital in labor

•  be living away from family so may not have a mother/sister role around you and that is important to you

•  want someone you have built a relationship with that understands what you want in your labor and birth

•  want someone to encourage you through labor, help you relax and tell you how well you are doing

•  want to have a memorable experience and an easy transition into motherhood as possible

Support for husbands/partners

Letting them know they are just as important during this time.

Teaching them ways to support you best during the early phases of labor with massage and other soothing techniques.

Showing methods of staying calm and relaxed or even just giving them the time out to energize themselves. Labor can be long and tiring for them too.

As a qualified, experienced Birth Doula, I feel it is important during your pregnancy that you feel safe, secure and confident in the process of embracing motherhood. My role as your doula is to support and allow you to you feel comfortable in yourself and the birthing process. I respect the time that you and your baby need during the birthing process whether at home or in hospital.

Uduak really liberated my husband and me to enjoy the birth of our third child.  I am a mother over 40 and whilst I am fit, healthy and had had two previous children I felt very much that we needed some help in working within the West London NHS system as well as some actual help during the birth.” 



Mission Statement

•  I am a compassionate, conscious, birth doula and therapist of women’s health. With a holistic approach to my work.

•  Highly skilled and trained is various fields of touch therapy and support, I bring a sense of calmness, support and experience and enjoyment to my work.

•  I am passionate about supporting women in pregnancy and beyond. Connecting and collaborating and with respect for the human body and spirit, I am committed in my aim to assist on your journey to empower, heal and embrace your being as a woman, mother.

•  I share my knowledge, experience on the continuous growth, development and enjoyment of your well being as a doula and massage therapist.

The whole birth went very smoothly, and through out it I felt confident that everything was going well and that we were doing the right thing. I’m sure that wouldn’t have been possible without Uduak there. I’m sure we would both have worried about what my wife was feeling, or when to go to hospital, but Uduak gave us the confidence to believe that the birth was going well and that mum and baby were fine.” 

Marco Gillies.