Waistbeads Information*

Choosing your crystal:

Very often, the crystals you choose will be relevant to your life in the present moment.
You may choose your crystal by the way it looks or an intuitive feeling. They are all correct ways and it tends to make sense when the healing and transformable powers are activated.

The energy of the crystals can work for however long it is needed in your life. Sometimes it comes in stages and cycles or when you are ready to connect with them regularly.

How to care for your crystal waistbeads:

You can wear your waistbeads continuously. If you wish to remove them when you shower, you can do so. And put them back on. Go with your intuition.

To make the most of your crystal’s energy and the transformable power of your crystal waistbeads, it is always advisable to cleanse and set your intentions regularly.

An affirmation for your crystals will come with your waistbeads for you to activate them. If you have your own affirmation and wish to use it, please do so.

If you would like to practise further healing, you can remove and place them on its assigned chakra – crown, head, heart, etc. and most the full healing power with practise and intention. Alternatively, you can place by your bedside table. If you just love to adorn these crystals with no intentions, that is also okay. Enjoy their beauty.

How often should I cleanse my jewellery?

I recommend cleansing your jewellery when it begins to feel heavy or. As a general guideline, cleanse your jewellery every moon cycle to keep your crystals at their highest vibration possible.

How do I cleanse my crystals waistbeads?

When you receive your crystal waistbeads they will already be cleansed and charged. You can then activate them.
If you wish to do the whole cleansing process again, that is fine.
Methods to cleanse: running water, salt water, smudging, visualization, sand/earth, sunlight/moonlight, candle flame.
Methods to charge: moonlight, sunlight, quartz crystal, druse quartz, white light.

Some crystals do not like certain methods of cleansing or charging.
Amethyst, Citrine, Aventurine, Rose quartz, Smokey quartz, Aquamarine and Fluorite will lose the colour if placed in direct sunlight regularly and for long periods of time. To avoid this, you can charge them away from direct sunlight.

Once cleansed and charged you may activate your crystal waistbeads with your affirmation.

Crystal Types:

Chakra: Third eye, Crown, Solar
Wisdom, deep love and peace of mind.
Calms anxiety and protects from physical pain. Balances endocrine system and regulates hormone production.
Clears mind and aids in enlightenment.

Chakra: Heart, Higher heart.
Aventurine resonates with higher heart thymus and immune system. An all-round healer which also protects you from negative relationships that drains from the heart.
Brings balance, with the heart, adrenals, eyes and nervous system. Supports the liver and helps removes toxins.
Protects you from electromagnetic energies by absorbing the smog energies.
Promotes self-confidence, self-love and joy and increases good luck.
Red Aventurine – a stone of vitality and renewal. Supports the reproductive system and aids in fertility.

Chakra: Sacral, Base
Grounds and motivates.
Energises, calms and lifts depression. Restores vitality, stimulates, balances and heals reproductive system, easing heavy bleeding, cramps, irregular flow and PMS. Increases mineral assimilation
Aids in creativity on all levels and manifests dreams into reality.

Chakra: Sacral; cleanses and activates all chakras
Detoxifier and relaxant.
Eases cramps and promotes peace of mind. Draws negative energy from the body and calms emotions. Helps you find inner strength and power in times of need.
Ideal for those who are prone to anxiety and fear.

Chakra: Heart
Helps connects you with Mother Earth through the heart chakra. It is a crystal that instils compassion and wellbeing to mother earth.
Roots you to earth through changes and transformation, brings insight to your inner hidden abilities and surfaces them for you to explore and manifest.
Calms and balances the emotions of the heart chakra. Balances your hormones and energies. Ideal for menstrual conditions, pre-menstrual and menstrual phases, where we need to be grounded and inwards the most.

Fresh Water Pearls:
Symbol of fertility, tuning you in with your feminine ‘goddess’ self.
Helps heal and dissolve negative thoughts, protects you from physic attack.
Balances your body’s natural rhythm and hormone with the lunar cycles.
Pearl enhances feelings of love and positivity, trust of self and others.
Balances and heals all chakras.
Aids in fertility and brings ease in child- birth.

Chakra: Heart, Sacral base
Energy and manifestation.
Increases energy of other crystals. Balances and calms emotions. Protects against stress. Revitalises the entire body.

Chakra: Higher heart(thymus), throat, third eye, aligns and protects all chakras.
A powerful crystal that helps your tune into your spiritual, intuitive and physics self and of the universe.
It also removes mental hooks from aura and prevents energy leakage. Opening the pathway to your higher spiritual you. It increases determination, motivation on goals and tasks.
It regulates metabolism and hormone balance and relieve PMS. Heals inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism.

Chakra: Throat and Heart
Balance and change
Both a fire and water element that brings both a sense of serenity and determination in its energy.
Helps embrace change and move through the process effortlessly.
Soothes emotions, calms nerves and bringing clarity to any situations. Helps you communicate, express yourself and connect with your divine self-more to bring your true self outward.
Ideal in pregnancy, birth and postnatal period by reducing inflammation, regulate the thyroid, strengthen immune system, connect you with innate femininity, teaches love, nurturing and respect.

Chakra: Earth, Base, Heart, Sacral base
Manifestation and change
Protects the body from absorbing environmental pollution, geographic stress, electromagnetic smog and radiation.
Balances, cleanses and regulates the body’s organs.
Supports healing.

Chakra: Third eye, Solar plexus
Aligns with the moons energy making it a powerful crystal of feminine power.
Nurturing, gentle and healing. Encourages personal connection with our inner self. Brings balance to the reproductive system, helping regulates hormones and improving fertility and menstrual cycle. Heals the body by removing toxins and eliminations fluid retention during pregnancy. Also eases stress, fears and brings harmony and balance to your wellbeing which is important in wanting to conceive. Also supports the expectant mother during pregnancy, labour and postnatal period.

Moss Agate:
Chakra: Throat, Sacral, Base, Earth
Balancing and Strengthening
Was traditional used in labour to ease birthing to reduce pain. Known for its good level amounts of magnesium, manganese and iron that was used in portions. Magnesium is essential for healthy bones, enhance function of muscles, nerves and tissue. Also, good for the lymphatic system.
Boost mental and emotional clarity.

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus
Manifestation and balancing
A stone of transformation, discharges emotional issues that affect the physical body.
Relaxes and releases nervous tension known as ‘butterflies’ and removes
emotional blockages.
Alleviates fear and guilt. Uplifts emotions, helping you feel empowered to ask for what you want to manifest.
Ideal for women who find it hard to ask for help. Encourages forgiveness when placed over the heart chakra

Rose Quartz:
Chakra: Heart
Unconditional love.
Releases unexpressed emotions and underlying heartache that creates dis-ease. Strengths blood & circulations systems. Gentle and harmonising, balances emotion and raises self-esteem.
It is also great for calming and healing during pregnancy and the postnatal period, helping eliminate fears and worries and bring on a stronger bond between mother and baby.

Rutilated Quartz:

Chakra: Harmonises all chakras
Peeling the layers of old unwanted patterns and energies of the past. Re-balances and links all chakras and eases self in transition and transformation
Helps you overcome negative emotional such as fear, stress, jealousy and depression.
Stimulates cellular growth, re-balances the thyroid.

Smokey Quartz:
Chakra: Earth Star, Base, Sacral, Solar, Root. Cleanses all Chakras.
Grounding and Relaxing. Transmute and transfers negative energy emotions and patterns. Direct to the earth for release.
Removes toxins and excess fluid from the body. Balances the energies of the mind and body. Reduces anxiety and depression which calms the mind and giving clarity and enhancing your intuition.
Effective in easing menstrual cramps, lower back pain, digestion, hip pain and leg cramps. Also relieves and release negative energy that is stagnant in the reproductive system and heart muscle and nerve tissue. Ideal for womb related conditions.

Chakra: Higher heart (thymus)
harmonising and balancing.
A highly spiritual stone which helps balance emotions and brings a sense of grounding in one self and with others. A good relationship that was meant to be will be.
Facilitates rebirth and releases conditions that block you from spiritual and physical growth. Supports anyone who feels overwhelmed, lost and has trouble focusing on the here and now.
Empowers and increases one’s low self-esteem and promotes greater love of self.
Harmonises the reproductive system for and during pregnancy. Facilitates good health to the growing baby.

Good crystal combinations for pregnancy

Rose quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst
Unakite, Rose quartz, Amethyst
Smokey quartz, oceans jasper
Ocean jasper, Moonstone
Larimar, Clear quartz, Moonstone
Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Amethyst

Good crystal combination for menstrual cycles:

Carnelian, Rose quartz, Moonstone
Rose quartz, Moonstone, Peridot
Carnelian, Rose quartz, Clear quartz. Moonstone

How to measure your for your waistbeads:

You can wear your waistbead in two places:

1. Around you waist across your navel. Place a flexible measuring tape across this area make sure it is not tight and there is a little room, roughly an inch.
2. Around you too hip, just over where your skirt/trousers would be. Again, it should not be tight the tape cannot move. Just give a little room.
Remember to consider we expand when we eat or during our cycle.

*Disclaimer – Using crystals are not a replacement for medical or physical treatments. They are a good complement to use alongside.

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