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East African shea butter is a high quality skin and hair moisturiser. Coming from the shea nut of the Karite tree found in the Nilotic regions of East Africa. The Nilotic people, or people indigenous to the white Nile river, have long kept the Karite tree as an essential part of their daily culture for generations.

Shea butter is especially ideal for skin conditions during pregnancy such as stretch marks. As the skin needs to stay moisturised during pregnancy the application of Shea helps with elasticity of skin and promotes the production of collagen and natural skin oils.

The shea nuts produced by this tree are harvested and cold pressed to produce this unique, soft, unrefined organic shea butter that is rich in vitamins A, E and F and contains essential antioxidants which is ideal for dry skin eczema and psoriasis. Shea also contains a natural UV protection and assists in reverse age skin repair also strengthening hair.

Amari Shea butter is an organic product free of chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

Amari Shea butter is carefully sourced for the finest quality from local farms of the East African regions.

Amari Shea is a strong supporter of fair trade directly helping the local communities.

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