Faceted Amethyst oval, diopside drops & faceted round Carnelian with Peacock, Amethyst, Ruby Red & Gold beads


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Faceted amethyst oval, diopside drops & faceted round carnelian with Peacock, Amethyst, Ruby Red & Gold beads

Chakra: third eye, crown, solar
Wisdom, deep love and peace of mind.
Calms anxiety and protects from physical pain. Balances endocrine system and regulates hormone production. Clears mind and aids in enlightenment.

Chakra: sacral, base
Grounds and motivates.
Energises, calms and lifts depression. Restores vitality, stimulates, balances and heals reproductive system, easing heavy bleeding, cramps, irregular flow and pms. Increases mineral assimilation
Aids in creativity on all levels and manifests dreams into reality.

For more information on how to choose your crystal, crystal types and how to care for your waistbeads,  check my Waistbeads page.

How to measure your for your waistbeads:

You can wear your waistbead in two places:

1. Around you waist across your navel. Place a flexible measuring tape across this area make sure it is not tight and there is a little room, roughly an inch.
2. Around you too hip, just over where your skirt/trousers would be. Again, it should not be tight the tape cannot move. Just give a little room.

* Remember to consider we expand when we eat or during our cycle.

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