Diopside Crystal with Canary Yellow & Orange Beads.


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Diopside Crystal with Canary Yellow & Orange Beads.

Chakra: Heart
Helps connects you with Mother Earth through the heart chakra. It is a crystal that instils compassion and wellbeing to mother earth.
Roots you to earth through changes and transformation, brings insight to your inner hidden abilities and surfaces them for you to explore and manifest.
Calms and balances the emotions of the heart chakra. Balances your hormones and energies. Ideal for menstrual conditions, pre-menstrual and menstrual phases, where we need to be grounded and inwards the most.

How to measure your for your waistbeads:

You can wear your waistbead in two places:

1. Around you waist across your navel. Place a flexible measuring tape across this area make sure it is not tight and there is a little room, roughly an inch.

2. Around you too hip, just over where your skirt/trousers would be. Again, it should not be tight the tape cannot move. Just give a little room.

* Remember to consider we expand when we eat or during our cycle.

Additional information


25.5", 25", 26.5", 26", 27.5", 27", 28.5", 28", 29.5", 29", 30.5", 30", 31.5", 31", 32.5", 32", 33.5", 33", 34.5", 34", 35.5", 35", 36.5", 36", 37.5", 37", 38.5", 38", 39.5", 39", 40.5", 40", 41.5", 41", 42.5", 42", 43.5", 43", 44.5", 44"

Colour Variations

Diopside All Orange, Diopside All Yellow, Diopside Yellow & Orange

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