A session of bliss in the comfort of your home.

Prenatal massage is possibly the most effective treatment available to ease the discomforts and helps the expectant mother manage her experience of her pregnancy better.

This Prenatal massage is tailored and personalised to treat each expectant mother’s physical challenges of her pregnancy journey.

The treatment covers massage techniques that is designed to relieve trimester specific issues such as muscular aches and pain, swelling, aids in a restful sleep, relaxing of the body, calming of the mind and bringing a better awareness to the expected mother’s needs in readiness to her labour and birth.


These sessions are powerful in helping the mother relax and heal post birth.

In a postnatal massage, the main focus is healing and rejuvenating. The pampering continues as this session aims to help restore the physical, emotional and mental transition from the labour and birth experience.

Choosing this treatment offers insight on my ability to aid the mother ability to care and nurture her herself and her newborn.

A personalised treatment with techniques that focuses on enhancing the body to homeostasis, increasing circulation to aid detoxification post birth,

Its benefits include: relieving breastfeeding issues such as neck and shoulder aches and pain. lower back issues, traumatic birth outcomes, and aids in a better restful sleep.